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California Divorce Coaching
Sarah Roth | California Divorce Coach
“Pretending was the wrong kind of hard. Divorce was the right kind of hard. It’s all hard, so maybe it’s just about deciding on the right kind of hard.”
~ Glennon Doyle

I would like to help you through your divorce. You will find an empathetic ear to support you as you find your path and navigate the process of divorce.

There is no need to go through this alone, wondering if you are doing the right thing. Join me so we can work together to get you through the divorce process stronger and more resilient than ever.

I am here to help.

~ Sarah


Dr. Dianne Kraaijvanger | Psychologist and Therapist | Wellesley MA


There is no getting around it. Even when “amicable,” divorce is a challenging process to go through. I have experienced it personally, and it doesn’t just end when the papers are signed. When going through a difficult time, we could all use support and guidance as we go down a new, unknown path. As a divorce coach, my job is to help women and men overcome obstacles, gain confidence, and find their inner strength. My goal is to help you find your best self while going through life’s greatest challenges. Wouldn’t it be amazing to come out the other side feeling empowered, able to achieve your goals, and create a happy new chapter in your life?

I offer coaching virtually worldwide and in person in the San Francisco Bay Area. I embrace differences in age, race, ethnicity, culture, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, socioeconomic status, and physical abilities.

Sarah Roth

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